July 31st 2018, Tel Aviv

Snappy Answers To Smart Questions

Q: What's "not PyCon"?

not PyCon is an unconference. A DIY\ad-hoc alternative to PyCon.

Our mission is to provide members of the Python community a chance to speak and present their ideas, free of charge and selection processes

Q: What's on the agenda?

That's completely up to you! You'll participate in steering this ship of fools, but the framework is:

When What
09:30 Gather
10:00 [insert your content here]
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Beer and Hackergerten

Want to actively participate? Fork us on Github and add anything you like!

Q: What's a "Hackergarten"?

Hackergartens are the unconference versions of hackathons with an emphasis on contributing to Open Source Software. The participants gather, suggest ideas for contribution (can be anything from features to bug fixes or even documentation), split to groups and get cracking! The goal is to try and end the evening with a pull request in someones inbox :)

Q: Who's invited?

Everyone! Python professionals, enthusiasts, beginners and curious individuals alike

Q: Will I feel welcome and safe?

Absolutely. We value the participation of all our attendees, and have a code of conduct in place that will be enforced to ensure we can all enjoy a safe and enjoyable conference.

Q: How much does it cost?

Nothing! Free as in beer

Q: Where's it taking place?

At the offices of the Association of Engineers in Israel!

Dizengoff St 200, 3rd floor, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Unfortunately the offices are only accessible by stairs and no elevator is available :(

Q: Where can I follow for updates?

Follow us on Twitter at @notPyConIL